The American Association of Consumer Credit Professionals (AACCP) represents dedicated consumer advocates from across the full consumer credit system. AACCP members serve as a trusted resource that consumers use to understand and navigate the complex credit reporting ecosystem. While AACCP members provide traditional, accuracy-focused credit repair services directed at individual trade lines, the services that modern credit repair companies offer go beyond that. Taking a holistic approach to credit report advocacy, AACCP member companies are experienced, reputable credit repair companies that: 

  •  Know the industry and the laws designed to protect consumers; 
  •  Understand the circumstances of individual consumers to help them raise relevant questions with creditors and other furnishers of credit report information; 
  •  Operate with integrity and maintain a strong focus on compliance with applicable statutes; 
  •  Help consumers review, analyze and understand their credit reports in order to identify items that may need to be challenged and, if possible, changed; 
  •  Advocate on behalf of consumers to resolve potential issues on their credit report with creditors/furnishers and the Consumer Reporting Agencies (CRAs a/k/a credit bureaus); and 
  •  Educate consumers on their credit reports, how to build positive credit and encourage them to use credit responsibly. 
Meet our Executive Director, Jen McCadden, MPA, CAE