Reputable Credit Repair
Represented by AACCP

The American Association of Consumer Credit Professionals (AACCP) represents dedicated consumer advocates from across the full consumer credit system, including the nation’s largest credit repair organizations.

Disreputable Rogue
Credit Repair

Operating at the margins of the consumer credit system, individuals holding themselves out as credit repair “experts” are the main generator of consumer complaints and government enforcement actions.

AACCP members are sophisticated companies with highly trained staff, robust compliance operations, and transparent contracting and billing practices.

Rogue credit repair firms are often one-man operations run by individuals without credentials or training. They are frequently unfamiliar with the requirements of different federal and state consumer financial protection laws. Some of these “companies” purposefully disregard the law to defraud consumers looking for legitimate credit repair services.



Expressly inform consumers that they cannot promise a specific result or outcome, such as an improved credit score or the removal of a specific tradeline.
Make implied or express promises to deliver specific results.
Work on behalf of consumers to ensure they are treated fairly and to assure the information in their credit reports is accurate and can be substantiated.
Asset 1
Guarantee consumers that they can remove all negative items on a credit report, even if the item is accurate.
Only send interventions on a consumer’s behalf for inaccurate, unsubstantiated, or unfairly reported tradelines.
Asset 2
Intentionally challenge accurate items on a consumer’s credit report in order to “game the system” and temporarily inflate a consumer’s credit score.
Inform consumers that they have the right to repair their own credit without assistance from an advocate.
Asset 3
Do not explain consumers’ full legal rights, including that you can contact credit bureaus directly; imply that consumers must hire an advocate to successfully repair their credit.