Fighting Credit Repair Scams

From inflated advertising claims to illegal payment plans, credit repair scams can be tricky to spot. Consumers need to know what to watch out for so they can protect themselves when seeking credit repair help.

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Negative Items on Credit Reports

There are many different kinds of negative items that can be on credit reports, from hard inquiries to bankruptcies. Consumers should try to avoid negative items if they can, but doing so isn’t always possible.

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How Can Inaccuracies Occur on Credit Reports?

According to the Federal Trade Commission, around 20% of people have at least one inaccurate item on their credit reports. It’s actually easier than most people realize for errors to appear on credit reports. Address changes, similar family names and clerical errors are all common reasons for inaccuracies to occur. Fortunately, you can take steps to address any errors you find on your credit reports.

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