ICYMI: Consumer Groups Press for Bill to Reform Credit Reporting

New legislation would make it easier for consumers to seek help from professionals to repair their credit Washington, DC- On Friday, Public News Service published an article on the efforts by the American Association of Consumer Credit Professionals (AACCP) and its coalition partners to close an anti-consumer loophole in the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). The piece […]

Press Call Offers Reminder of Urgency to Repeal Anti-Consumer Credit Repair Loophole Following Recent Equifax Credit Errors Controversy

Access an audio recording of yesterday’s call with Rep. Al Lawson, African American Empowerment Coalition, and AACCP HERE Washington, DC- On a press call held yesterday, Rep. Al Lawson, Reverend Andre Chapple with the African American Empowerment Coalition and the American Association of Consumer Credit Professionals (AACCP) reflected on the Equifax error controversy and how it highlights […]

AACCP Statement On Equifax’s Breach Affecting Millions Of Americans

Washington, DC- On Tuesday, the Wall Street Journal broke the news that Equifax wrongly sent out incorrect credit scores for millions of Americans as they were trying to buy homes and cars. Reportedly, the errors changed some customers’ scores by as much as 20 points, causing them to be rejected for loans through no fault of their […]

A Credit Attorney Shares Critical Insights On Credit Repair In New Book

Lexington Law’s John Heath lists the steps to effective credit repair, the laws protecting consumers’ rights, and how to navigate the credit repair industry Washington, DC—In a new ebook, Inside Credit Repair: Insights from a Credit Attorney, John Heath, directing attorney at Lexington Law Firm, shares his insider knowledge on the credit repair industry and provides a […]

Credit Repair Organizations Urge CFPB to Rescind Rule Preventing Human Trafficking Survivors From Seeking Help to Repair Their Credit

Washington, DC—Leading consumer advocates and Credit Repair Organizations (CROs) Lexington Law Firm and Progrexion are calling on the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) to support human trafficking survivors by rescinding language in a new rule that will have dire unintended consequences for victims.  Recently, the CFPB proposed a new rule ostensibly designed to help victims […]

Lexington Law and Progrexion Launch New Initiative With Anti-Recidivism Coalition to Bring Financial Literacy and Credit Repair to Constituents

Last weekend, at the annual retreat for the Anti-Recidivism Coalition (ARC), Lexington Law and Progrexion launched a new partnership with the ARC to help formerly incarcerated people achieve financial independence, empowerment, and a fair, accurate, and substantiated credit profile. The organizations held individual meetings with members to offer free credit repair services and announced the […]

Diverse Groups Representing Millions of California Consumers Oppose Anti-Consumer Assembly Bill 2424

Washington, DC- Diverse groups from across California continue to announce their opposition to Assembly Bill 2424, anti-consumer legislation that would make it harder for Californians to climb out of the consumer debt crisis. The African American Empowerment Coalition, the California League of United Latin American Citizens, SEIU California, the National Asian American Coalition, the National […]