Lexington Law and Progrexion Launch New Initiative With Anti-Recidivism Coalition to Bring Financial Literacy and Credit Repair to Constituents

Last weekend, at the annual retreat for the Anti-Recidivism Coalition (ARC), Lexington Law and Progrexion launched a new partnership with the ARC to help formerly incarcerated people achieve financial independence, empowerment, and a fair, accurate, and substantiated credit profile. The organizations held individual meetings with members to offer free credit repair services and announced the […]

Diverse Groups Representing Millions of California Consumers Oppose Anti-Consumer Assembly Bill 2424

Washington, DC- Diverse groups from across California continue to announce their opposition to Assembly Bill 2424, anti-consumer legislation that would make it harder for Californians to climb out of the consumer debt crisis. The African American Empowerment Coalition, the California League of United Latin American Citizens, SEIU California, the National Asian American Coalition, the National […]

Credit Reporting Agencies Deflect Blame, Offer No Remedies for Surge in Consumer Dissatisfaction with Credit Reporting System

Washington, DC—Representatives of the three national credit reporting agencies (CRAs) provided consumers no answers for how they were going to make the credit reporting system more responsive at a House Financial Services Committee hearing prompted by an unprecedented surge in consumer complaints. Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion were called to testify after the Consumer Financial Protection […]

House Financial Services Committee Holds Hearing on Consumer Credit Reporting

Today, the heads of Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion will testify before the House Financial Services Committee for the increase in consumer complaints to the CFPB. Washington, DC — Ahead of today’s hearing on Consumer Credit Reporting: Assessing Accuracy and Compliance Liz Shrum, Senior Advisor and Spokesperson for the American Association of Consumer Credit Professionals (AACCP), […]

Consumer Credit Industry Applauds Texas Court Ruling

Consumer credit advocates are recognized for their legitimate role in advocating on behalf of the consumer for access to fair and accurate credit Washington, DC – On Thursday, April 1, 2021, the United States 5th Circuit Court of Appeals affirmed a decision from the United States District Court for the Northern District of Texas and […]

Debt Collectors are Still Abusing Consumers Despite Covid Relief Limits, Says Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Annual Complaint Report

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Annual Complaint Report Reveals Stark Increase in Complaints on Debt Collectors by Consumers WASHINGTON, DC – The following statement was issued by the American Association of Consumer Credit Professionals. “Earlier today, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) released its Annual Report on consumer complaints for 2020, revealing that despite protections put in […]

AACCP Applauds Good News for American Consumers: Help Is On the Way

WASHINGTON, DC – This has been a better week for American consumers. Congress passed a new round of Covid relief with additional direct payments to most American consumers and extended unemployment benefits. Weekly jobless claims are still unacceptably high, but they were at a four-month low this week. And the House Financial Services Subcommittee on […]